dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Rube/Slacker: Meet The Opposite Men.

The irritating thing about Lynn is that she clearly subscribes to the Great Provider concept when it comes to explaining what makes a 'good' father. This means that a loving, kind father who involves himself in his children's lives and passes down his values is inferior to a remote, childish, emotionally distant imbecile like John if he makes less money. As we see, John seems to see Michael as a threat to be contained instead of a son to be molded into an adult because he can't and won't process anything that isn't immediate and mindless obedience to whatever insane and unhelpful gibberish that he pushes past his lips. He shows nothing at all like sympathy when Mike is hurt or confused, he assumes the worst and above all, he seems to regard the idea of finding out who Mike is, what he wants out of life and why he behaves the way he does with disgust and alarm.

Since no one appears to have sat John down and explained that his job was to shape the man Mike would later become, all we get out of the dumb bastard is boasting when commonalities are pointed out and an indulgent, baffled and disappointed chuckle when it's kind of obvious that the boy takes after the mother forced to interact with this strange child that (as far as John allows himself to see) appears to have just showed up one day and squatted in one of their rooms. This will bite him in his fat ass when it comes time to inter his urn because Mike will be the one eulogizing him. As I said before, he'll be sent off with honeyed words that do a bad job of disguising the intent of kicking the floor and yelling "Hot enough for you down there, you miserable old bastard? Not nearly hot enough for MY tastes!!"

Mike will have to watch that because the only parental figure he has is Elly and since he has the burden of being as helpless as his dad around the house to contend with, he's in danger of having his remains sold to a university to be dissected out of sheer pique.

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