dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Harridan/Slacker: Meet The Successor

As I've said before, John's inadequacies as a man drove a wedge between himself and Mike that will never go away. This amplifies the weird psycho-sexual rivalry all fathers have with their sons to a destructive level that guarantees that aside from sharing laddish traits like wisecrackery and insensitivity to the feelings of others, there's not much they have in common. This is made even more obvious by the fact that Mike looks a damned sight more like his maternal uncle and maternal grandfather than he does John or his dad.

The physical similarities he shares with Elly and her people have the annoying tendency to be far more than skin deep. John's tendency to trivialize Mike's aspirations appear to me to have their source in the need he has to downplay or make light of any ambition Elly might have towards a career not oriented towards the domesticity she's a poor fit for. What he blinds himself to is that most of the reason Mike and Elly clashed was that unlike him, Elly has too much in common with Michael to have much patience with his younger self. The older he gets, the more she can relate to him and the farther away he gets from the asshole who might as well be classified as 'sperm donor' (more or less like how Elly might as well be classified as 'single parent').

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