dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Harridan/Human Shield/Dupe: Meet The Fashion Victims

Of course, it's not just her lousy posture that makes Elly look and feel uglier than she actually is by making her think that she has a pot belly that would go away if she were to stand up straight. We must also remember that she is fixated on buying and wearing clothes that make her look awful as well owing to a belief that she can only be taken seriously by society if she looks as dowdy as she imagines her mother as being. What she misses out on as she pops some tags at that thrift shop down the road is that Marian liked to stretch a buck or two and also didn't have a lot of options clothing-wise because they didn't used to sell stylish clothing to people over forty.

The end result of this is that we have a woman who thinks that sensible means shapeless because she's not smart enough to understand that she can have both stylish and sensible at the same time. Put someone dumb like her in charge of her daughters' wardrobe and you've got a recipe for disaster. She means well, of course, but does not do well because she can't see past her own disdain for people who don't think that the point of clothing is to disguise and distort the silhouette underneath. Also, she's too big of a child and stick-in-the-mud to accept that you can stick the adjective 'naughty' before any damned thing.

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