dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meet The Oversold One.

As we all know, most people in the strip aren't very good at the jobs they're supposed to be doing because they do them in the manner Lynn believes they do. Lynn believes that a pharmacist is nothing more than an ordinary shop clerk who pushes pills so that's what Deanna is. Lynn believes that a dentist is a sadistic freak who gets off on sticking his hand in someone's mouth so that's what John is. Lynn thinks that a writer is someone who forts up in an attic churning out twaddle so that's what Mike is. Above all, Lynn thinks that a teacher is a person who blindsides children with quizzes because she can't explain choking under pressure any other way.

This means two things. First off, it means that Liz's beloved mentor Miss Edwards isn't too very different from the hated incompetent Miss Blais. Both are woefully inept at presenting coursework in a manner that allows for retention and both moan in pain when their ineptitude results in kids asking "Will this be on the test?" It also means that a person is beloved if that person is 'fair' to a Patterson. In this instance, fairness means slobbering over a Patterson and giving her what she wants without asking too much of her.

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