dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meet The Other Bystanders.

Here's a fun fact that isn't actually much fun at all: most police officers kind of hate having to wade into a domestic dispute because of how volatile they can get. The reason that I mention this is that Lynn appears to irrationally hate the people of Lynn Lake because they did not do what she considered to be the right thing when faced with the fact that the pharmacist was cheating on his wife and barge on in and demand that he stop. They shrugged, they said it wasn't their place and most bafflingly infuriating of all, they said that they didn't want to make things worse.

This common sense reaction to something that wasn't Lynn's job to do anything about appears to appear every so often in the strip. The dry run was John telling Elly that he didn't want to make things worse when he'd realized that Ted was cheating on his wife. The main show was Gary and Vivian telling Liz that they weren't put on this Earth to play fidelity cop for some flighty dingdong who seemed to them to be jerking a man around. In both instances, they look like lesser people for doing the sensible thing.

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