dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meet The Irritants.

Of course, Liz's blanket condemnation of the people of Mtigwaki for not being big, stupid idiots barging in and making things worse is not universal. There is one person she thinks fondly of: a discipline problem named Jesse Mukwa who did the very 'good' thing of making a shallow dingdong feel good about herself by doing something that would alarm and disgust most people: stealing something that was not hers to dispose of. The reason that I mention this is that for a very stupid reason that we all know, Lynn thinks that just as a good father is an emotionally distant, vindictive, sullen and immature cipher that makes a shit ton of money, a good teacher lavishes attention on a pain in the neck while letting other kids twist in the wind.

Said reason is that Lynn was and is a shit-disturber who loves attention and sees everyone else as a prop in the drama of her life. We had Ugly Uglyperson (who was wrong because he was UGLY) tell her to her face that no, she couldn't slobber over a nuisance named Dylan at other kids' expense and if the strip had continued, she'd have made a house pet of another disruptive oik who didn't wanna learn anything.

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