dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meet The Cleaner

The irritating thing about Elly and her blank-witted mismanagement of her hobby business is that I'm put in mind of the reason why I think that Gordon would have been better off had he reached out to organized crime to provide seed capital for his business. Just as John is a familiar and somewhat unwelcome presence politely insisting that Gordon make bad decisions that make the Pattersons' lives easier, Elly's holding the lease to the building Lilliput's is in means that although Moira Kinney owns the business she should have run anyway, her freedom to reverse Elly's stupider decisions is compromised to a certain extent.

This is not for the best because she was right to ask Elly what her first thoughts were when she said that she had second thoughts about the business because it had started to own her. Like a lot of people out there, Elly's reputation for niceness is contingent on her not having her cozy, comatose life disrupted by having to make decisions that take her out of her oh-so-narrow comfort zone. This means that any effort her predecessor might have made to draw in foot traffic were immediately reversed when Elly was in a position of power because she didn't like the sort of people who came in to check the place out. There were people who had only the vaguest idea of what they were trying to find. There were people comparison shopping. There were people who liked to drink HER coffee when they bought something. There weren't the sort of people she saw as belonging. Also, there were people telling her that the needy looking girl who seemed to worship her was simply using her.

This had the end result of Moira actually running things owing to a vacuum in power that had its source in a vacuum inside the alleged owner's skull. Moira had to wait for Elly to get out of the way to save the business from her stupidity but since Elly is bad at knowing what she's bad at, she'll continue to make unhelpful suggestions until she dies.

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