dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Françoise: The One and Only....

I've mentioned before that it could be that Anthony and ELizabeth will not have children together, that she'll be as fertile as her imagination. This is because Lynn seems to think that love, passion and sex only get in the way of having a good marriage. The quiet, tidy, business-like union that disturbs us is seen by the Creator as an ideal to be followed. The problem is that, sooner or later, Françoise would be curious about why she doesn't have siblings like other people. Lynn's premise that she, as an only child, would be so used to having everything her own way that she'd never contemplate having to share stems from a lack of awareness of how children's minds work. How would Anthony or Elizabeth field that question? They couldn't tell her to her face that they didn't want to have sex so they'd have to come up with a cover story that would hide their lack of passion and make her feel good. I'd say that she'd get a glurgy chunk of treacle about how they're perfect as they are, that they couldn't come up with a better child if they tried so they didn't wanna bother. This would work to counteract the effects of other children riding her about how they took one look at her and decided not to repeat that mistake for a while. The problem is that she's not stupid like the rest of them. She'd soon figure out that Mommy and Daddy were too afraid of rocking the boat to procreate. The hallways of R.P. Boire High School will eventually be filled with saracstic remarks about a lard-bottomed, potato-nosed ex-Teacher From Hell who wanted to be Supermom AND die a virgin.
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