dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meet The Second Cleaner

I think it's safe to say that Lynn's idea of what competence is looks a damned sight like catastrophic ineptitude to the rest of us. We've already seen a prime example of that when discussing the bookstore Elly tried to run into the ground and we can see another example of that with Liz Patterson: Argument Against Tenure. What she happens to be is the sort of teacher a selfish, immature, vindictive and pea-brained little narcissist named Lindy Ridgway liked growing up: someone who made a pet of an oblivious and self-satisfied little discipline problem who railed against people getting fake grades by 'pretending' to study. This was something of a disaster to the people of Mtigwaki who wanted a teacher, not a tourist who saw her charges as props in some sort of paternalistic and stupid melodrama.

This is where Susan Dokis comes into play. I am willing to ignore Lynn's social studies textbook bilgewater about how kids relate better to someone of their own kind because the plain truth is that the woman knew what she was doing and she intends making herself a part of the community without angsting about the evils of having people know what she's doing. My guess is that only Jesse really misses the dumb bitch from the Big Smoke.

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