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Meet The Unknown Cleaner

The irritating thing about Michael's success is not that it's merely baffling. The man is a terrible novelist with insanely bad work habits who has somehow managed to snow any number of women into confusing his crinkum-crankum with excellence. Furthermore, since Deanna has no idea what a good writer is or what one should look like, she thinks that the awful hours the muttonhead keeps are just how writers are. Therefore, she is at pains to try to get him to slow down because she doesn't understand that he is the OG monkey writing Shakespeare. Granted, I would trust him to churn out chirpy, trite observations about non-consequential subjects like I do. I wouldn't trust him or myself to do anything but a bad job running anything like a magazine.

This is why his being the accidental beneficiary of a Stalinist-style purge directed at an up-and-comer who was too blatant about lifting ideas from other people fell nicely in the category of bad things. The man was too in love with being liked and not enough in love with understanding anything like financial matters to not run Portrait clear into the ground. This required the magazine's owner to step in and force Mike to make a decision that might result in people not liking him. Since they weren't Liz, this was a bad thing and it made him soil his diaper and run home to his mommy-wife after he'd quit. It seems to me that the owner had addressed the problem the only way he could by remembering the adage "The fish rots from the head first" and acting accordingly. Mike won't let Portrait in the house because the part of him that's sure that his replacement has ruined it is at war with the part that fears that he's improved it.

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