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Meet The Frustrated Cleaner.

I think that it's safe to say that April was in the worst place to be in the world when it occurred to her to start up a garage band. This is because she had parents who ranted about fun and friends for self-serving and discreditable reasons. On the one hand, we have Elly who dislikes Phil's career choice because he gets more praise than she gets despite being younger. He should never outshine her because she was there first so the yapping infant has a grudge against musicians because they represent a sort of humiliation. On the other hand, we have an oaf father who, since he cannot carry a tune in a shovel, assumes that anything he is terrible at must be terrible (which is why I fling around the epithet 'communist' when referring to him) and those who go down that road doomed to misery and loneliness and honest, he isn't jealous of all the dudes with guitars who got the girls.

The reason that I mention this is that their refusal to show any sign of empathy or compassion to someone who makes them feel uncomfortable helps enable the stupid vendetta April has against Becky. This took the form of April getting her back up because Becky wanted to use her star power to crush her....or, as we say it in English, wanted an actual talented person (namely herself) to front the band and thus not embarrass herself and her friends letting a dough-headed Patterson flail around in a vortex of stupidity and ineptitude. Try as Jim might to get her to see reason, April's pea-brained jealousy flared up every time she was reminded that she's just not in Becky's league as a performer and never will be.

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