dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meet The Hobby Businesswoman

April doesn't realize it but she comes by having unrealistic expectations about a hobby band honestly. This is because she doesn't really remember her mother working anywhere other than either the bookstore or the library. Just as Thelma Baird is a name and an old photo, she doesn't understand that the local broadsheet Mike used to write for is where Elly started to re-enter the labor force.

The reason that I mention unrealistic expectations is that Elly spent entirely too long not realizing that the woman who owned the thing didn't have a whole lotta bunch of money to play around with so couldn't actually afford to pay her. Elly thought she was Lois Freaking Lane when in fact she was a freelancer who was expected to cover most of her own expenses. Too bad that she was and is bad at reading between the lines otherwise she would have figured that out. My guess is that she is still waiting for her back pay to come.

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