dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meet The Ogre

The frustrating thing about fantasy capsules such as the one Elly lives in is that reality keeps on intruding no matter how fondly she wishes that she could wish it away. What is more, Elly (like all those who try to live in the subjunctive tense) is rarely fond of those who drag her out into the real world. We see it when she gave us a side-eye when thinking bad thoughts about the 'one of them' who asked her to check herself and not let her own need to show off hurt Lizzie and we for sure saw it when she outed herself as being a nitwit who dreads the underclass doing some terrible nebulous thing to her. (Said thing could be anything from 'violating her sexually' to 'not using a coaster' but all options are equally apocalyptic to the high-strung and infantile.)

This is why some poor working-class slob minding his own business has managed to embed himself in her subconscious as the face of anarchy and social collapse because in the process of executing a legal turn at an intersection, his sedan managed to occupy the same space Elly expected would be clear of traffic. Things shouldn't get in her way when she's zoning out and people who do clearly want to ruin her. She reminds me of every toddler I've ever seen. I don't like being around them much because I know damned well that they just can't see anything between where they are and something they've fixated on. They rush blindly towards something, collide with someone or something and howl angrily because that something or someone just came out of nowhere and is a doodyhead. The dude with the beard is a doodyhead because he was in the way so must have wanted to ruin her day.

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