dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meet The Outsiders

I think that it's pretty safe to say that a lot of what drives Elly is the need to reassure the public at large that she's competent at what she sets out to do and should thus be taken seriously. This would be a positive thing if Elly were good at knowing what she's good at and not bad at knowing what she's bad at. The first warning shot that she might not understand how the public perceives her was, of course, the Easter parade strip that had Lizzie give in to the social phobia Elly doesn't understand or care for because it's an obstacle. Elly wanted to show the world what she could do and for some reason that was probably malice, Lizzie wouldn't cooperate and when she complained, some ugly person told her that the parade was for kids, not moms. Well, anyway, that's how Elly saw things. Everyone else saw a vain stage mom who got thwarted and couldn't deal.

This lack of awareness of how the public would react came to full flower when she got sweet-talked into becoming the public irritant that is "housewife protesting a useful project because it would somehow affect her children and not at all her property values." She saw herself as a champion for the arts and also nemesis of sports people who, in her estimation, wanted to descend upon the arts community and commit genocide or some such thing. The public saw an ignorant and annoying busybody who didn't have the facts on hand and refused to learn them. The public was yet again right because Elly is really bad at understanding things that don't interest her. She can't think straight about sports because she can't make sense of what she sees most of the time and also fears injury.

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