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Taking it slow defined.

For all that we hold Anthony in contempt, we should at least admit that he knows how Elizabeth's mind works. He's noticed that whenever anybody gets too close to Liz, declares his intentions too openly, she pushes him away. As a matter of fact, he avoided falling victim to that by means of a pre-emptive dumping. He quickly realized that the best way to woo such a skittish person was by seeming to as passive as she is. By reiterating the mantra "We're not rushing into things", they'd be celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary when she finally realized that they were engaged. That raises the question of what she means by taking it slow. Since she's a rather passive person, I'd say that it meant she wanted to let other people force her into doing things because she's lazy. After all, she only got engaged to keep Warren at bay. I'd say that either his or Therese's return would make her decide that haste might be a good thing.
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