dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meet The Passer-By.

Not too long ago, I'd reminded everyone paying attention that most people who interact with the Patterson family do so as complete strangers who meet them once or twice and then never encounter them again. They don't spend enough time to notice all the many, many things that are wrong with them and the Pattersons themselves are so ordinary-looking, they register not as individuals but as roles. This means that the Elly who lives her life hoping to be thought well of is thought of as "Consignment Store-Loving Suburban Matron With Posture Problem" by the vast majority of mankind. They have no idea where she's from, what she wants out of life and what she might think of them and they don't really see that as being a problem unless she makes it one.

This is why Lynn is sort of an accidental and unintentional genius. The reason most people who see the strip as somehow being a reflection of their own lives do so because they only get fleeting doses of the Pattersons' oh-so-very ordinary behavior. Lynn might as well have anticipated Howie Mandel and called them the Jeneryks.

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