dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Henchman/False God: Meet The Mentor

Now that we're about to be beaten over the head with a clunky moral lesson about how coziness is better than romance via the unsubtle masterstroke of Lynn's elbowing us in the ribcage and stage-whispering "When will Gordon and Tracey realize they're made for one another?", it behooves us to ask ourselves what the end result of pairing Gord and Tracey off right out of high school is going to be. The answer is that Gord ended up thinking that he'd invented Allyson out of thin air and become a sort of evangelist for marrying the unspectacular girl next door because it worked out great for him.

This, more than anything else, is why Liz got into so much trouble she didn't know she was getting into with Therese and it's kind of why Therese sort of owes Liz an apology. Liz is, after all, the picture of baffled innocence whenever Gordon arranges things so that a man he sees himself in can get what's good for him instead of what his jerk parents want. What this means is that the Pattersons don't realize that as much as they might want to have Liz and Anthony present them with pretty grandchildren, Gord wants it more than they ever can or will.

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