dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Henchman 3: Meet The Breaker Of The Fourth Wall.

Now, a lot of people might think that the most irritating thing that Gordon used to do was that idiotic hormone attack thing that only Lynn finds funny and cute. They'd be wrong. The most irritating thing he does is stare right at us like he's about to be put to death or something when reacting to the mildly comic horrors that teenagers like him are heir to. Anthony is slightly better because he at least looks at the person he's fixated on. Gordo takes us clean out of the strip by reminding us that we're reading a work of fiction.

This would be a big and unforced mistake on Lynn's part in and of itself were it not for the fact that the boy isn't especially witty, charming or appealing. He's a dumb motherhubbard who believes the same "love has to hurt to be real" garbage Lynn thinks when justifying her will to coziness so having him gawk at us has all the appeal of a rotting teddy bear by a forgotten graveside.

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