dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Slacker/Dupe: Meet The Not His Little Buddy

As we all know, Liz was trained to actively resent April by imbecile parents who sleepwalk their way through life and is at the very least honest about what an annoyance she finds her younger sister. Granted, her shortsightedness, selfishness and stupidity blind her to the fact that she is usually in the wrong when she makes snippy comments about what a picky-face April is to worry about being displaced by a lazy asshole who embeds himself in his parents' house like a tick so that their pea-brain mother can virtue signal but at least she doesn't pretend that she really likes the invader who stole her childhood.

This puts her way ahead of Mike who has convinced himself that he and April get along quite well. His belief on this issue is almost as accurate as his belief that he's a competent writer or that other places that aren't either that barn-like apartment in which he lived in squalor or his boyhood home are unsuitable. After all, he is the mutt who told Elly to put April to work rather than have her sit home alone in an empty house despite the fact that he wanted to do so himself at that age. He's the moron who pressured his parents to leave their home so he wouldn't have to be an adult and in the process disrupted his little buddy's life. He's also the meat-sack who didn't say anything when his insane wife discussed turning his kid sister into an indentured servant. If he's April's friend, I'd hate to see an enemy.

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