dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Dupe/Human Shield: Meet The Terrible Twosome.

As we know, John and Elly made a rather questionable decision based on a dubious idea when they decided to put April in Elizabeth's room. Given how God-damned cheap John is and how stupid Elly is, I should think that their original plan was to wait until Liz left for university to give April her own space because 'We couldn't afford it' or 'Why would we add on when the kids are going to leave soon anyway?' or 'Liz doesn't really mean it when she says that she hates April' or all of the other excuses they feed people.

What appears to change their mind is the fact that other people know about their living arrangements and might look askance at them for trying to pit their daughters against one another. It's like how they finally decided to move out of a cramped apartment because it was, in fact, too small for a family of four. Too bad that they never seem to figure out how insecure children lash out at the child causing the change instead of the pea-brain adults who can't or won't plan ahead.

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