dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On parenting the parents: Meet Those Who Are Worried About Despite Not Especially Wanting To Be.

While most of the first part of this year is focused on Mike brainlessly torpedoing his relationship with Martha because he takes her for granted, what a lot of people miss is Lynn's attempt to somehow rewrite the deaths of her parents so that she wins. Like a lot of dumb people with daytime television poop brain, Lynn expected her parents to break down and beg her forgiveness for setting boundaries on her behavior and telling her to improve herself. She's not adult enough to realize that death bed confessions don't happen in real life and people don't have the answers you want to begin with.

This takes the form of her pillaging her parents' move from Vancouver to Hope, BC when they retired to make received and stupid points about how Elly and Phil just aren't ready to say goodbye to their mom and dad. We then have the consistent refrain of Marian telling Elly not to worry about her contrasted with Elly not actually saying what needed to be said: "Sorry. I can't not worry about you. Nothing personal." because of her fear of being chastised for talking out of turn.

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