dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Liz Patterson and the hand-me-down values....

As I've said before, Michael has pretty much internalized his father's chauvinistic view of the world. His father knew that the world was changing but feared it because he couldn't or, more properly, wouldn't see the advantages of the new ways of things. Most of his smug commentary about hormones was a way of trying to convince himself that his way was the right way despite the signs that he was regarded as a bullying fool who treated his wife like dirt. When you consider that only Doctor Ted was on his side, it was obvious that John was meant to be the goat. Mike's impressionable mind took his father's values and made them his own because it made his life easier. She wasn't upset with him because he was in the wrong! It was just her hormones talking. The Mike of old was clearly meant to be the bane of Elly's existence so it was obvious that Lynn had no use for men who spouted that nonsense. What irritates me no end is that she has no problem with women who say stuff like that. Elly quite clearly thought the point of going to University to prove herself a success as a woman and land a man and maybe get an education along the way. It didn't quite turn out how she'd planned because she picked a wiener instead of a winner. The anal-retentive dumbass she married didn't exactly like the idea of things changing so it took her about ten to twenty years to get him to live up to his end of the bargain. This, of course, means that Liz was brought up to believe that she had to land herself a man to feel complete as a woman. Her parents' values and her fear of being alone and unloved mean she wants to have the 'security' that marriage offers as a means of proving that her very existence is justified. Therese's rejection of the role of wife and mother just because she wanted to keep sane is something Liz can't comprehend or sympathize with because she'd rather lose her marbles than live single. That being said, she's in love with the idea of being married and having a family. The man and their children will lose their appeal in fairly short order. Like her mother before her, she'll try to get out of the lousy bargain she entered into but will have less chance of success. Since Anthony has a martyr complex that John didn't, it'll take until she catches him in bed with someone else to affect change in her life.
Tags: child rearing disasters, lizthony, the shape of foobs to come

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