dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meet The Failure At Foreshadowing and the Amazonian Catfish.

The irritating thing about Lynn is that she tends to frame her love of retroactive continuity as being the results of the characters talking to her. I remember her justifying her decision to phase Christopher Nichols out and replace him with what would happen if you put him and John in a blender and poured them into a bland white kid by saying that unlike Anthony, Chris never said a damned word to her. The end result of this habit is to leave her with the unfounded impression that if she has something published, people will know what she does despite it contradicting everything we'd seen before.

This is why knowing what will happen tends to hamper my ability to describe the strip as an on-going thing. I too have knowledge I didn't twenty-nine years ago. All I had to go on then was the Gordon we'd seen beforehand and also, the Gordon's dad who was a sports dad too stupid to not take a pee-wee hockey game too seriously:

so, like the Pattersons, was probably wondering if maybe Gordon was overselling how angry his folks would be. After all, there can't be more than one volatile nitwit in the strip, right? People who get smacked around don't act like Gordon does, do they? It's like thinking that Candace dresses to excess because she has a hard home life or that Mike wants to dress like Boy George because nuclear bombs have made him turn his back on happiness and love. It don't make no sense just because Lynn says it does.

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