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Blossom Brown: Meet The Bonehead Author.

As we all know, Lynn idolized Charles Schulz and tended to follow advice of his despite it not being especially helpful. In my opinion, one of the least useful things he said was that she had too many characters because it made no sense given the setting. Having about twelve regulars made sense in the adult-free void The Blockhead inhabited but made no sense at all in Elly's world. The reason I think that she might have drank from his poisoned chalice is a dread of exposing Elly as living a life of superlative dullness.

This means that she kept making the same error in trying to recreate her other great love (sitcom episodes with a very special message) with a limited cast. Most series tended to insert a special guest character who suffered from something horrible while others gave us a recurring character known to have a terrible home life. What she did is up and decide that she could easily repurpose an established character (like Gordon) into the Victim Du Jour and we'd just smile and ignore everything we knew about him beforehand 'because she knew what his life was really like'; since she took another piece of stupid advice from the old fool (ignore what your readers think and just concentrate on pleasing yourself and yourself alone), she blew off the 'haters' and proceeded to rewrite history again and again like one of the ghouls from 1984.

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