dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Son Versus Charity Case: How John and Elly see Gordon

One of the things that's obvious as all Hell is that if John were to describe his ideal son, he'd look an awful lot like Gordon. Gordon is practical. Gordon is mechanically inclined. Gordon has a head for business. Gordon is a self-starter. Gordon listens to his advice and doesn't roll his eyes up in irritation as if he's just listened to the ignorant jabbering of a pub bore. This is why it's so damned easy for John to hang out with Gordon: what he wants in a son is selling him a car at a reasonable rate. Truly, the Universe is arranged in a kindly manner.

The same cannot really be said for Elly, however. Being able to count past ten without taking off one's shoes is not something she values. Clear-eyed thinking leaves her cold. Selling things that frighten her and her alone is not allowed in her world. What is licit is having someone she can show off as being the end result of her good works. He owes her because after having brainlessly ratted him out to his parents 'just to be nice', she was shocked and sad because she felt vaguely worried about the end result of her actions. Truly, meaning well while not doing well must count for something.

This leads us to the really stupid thing about their dealings with him. Unlike in real life, he does not assume that they feel guilty about sitting on their asses and saying stupid things while he got beat on. He is grateful for help from good friends.

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