dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The false happy ending.

Now that we're about to see the after-effect of Elly's stupid insistence on making sure that Gordon doesn't get away with doing something stupid because We Moms have to stick together or whatever pretext she uses to justify the garbage move of parenting someone else's child, we do so in the realization that Mike is about to get hit over the head with the idea that Life Is Not Like Television. This is achieved by the questionable masterstroke of his violating Gordon's space in the hopes that he would blubber that his dad hit him like on an After School Special or other such television absurdity. Gordon acted like a real person and stuck to the face-saving excuse he'd handed out in order to avoid making things worse for himself by getting a whole bunch of strangers involved. This baffled and disappointed Michael because of his fatal flaw: his expectation that the real world conform to what he sees on the idiot lantern.

The problem I have with that is that Lynn pulled her punches by having a sappy sitcom ending in which Mike thinks that everything is all okay forever because Gord's dad No Name Conceived Of Mayes cried about what he did when he sobered up. The idea that he would manage to shake his addiction to tonsil polish in order to make for a trite sitcom conclusion is utter buncombe....and Lynn herself knows it. It's why Gordon moved out before he even graduated. It's why he asks his parents to come sober when they visit him and his family. It's why he hands out brochures from the WCTU. It's also why Lawrence and his mother never speak much. Lynn knows better but wants to pretend that since dumb people like the Pattersons live in a fantasy capsule, life is wonderful.

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