dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meet The Rebound

As we all know, we haven't actually seen much of Martha lately. We don't see her this year until it's time to spiral down towards me saying "Of course, you'd say your feelings for her were an illusion, you jerk! You never bothered learning who Martha actually was and never do!" This is so we can spend time watching Elly freak out because her parents are downsizing and Phil wants the pump organ that she sees as her reward for having suffered the indignity of having a sibling and also freaking out more because Mike's obsession with driving has pushed thoughts of girls in dangerous outfits out of his tiny little head.

Since Mike's as smart as he is pleasant to be around, it never occurs to him that ghosting the girl is something she's going to take personally or that yet again, she's going to try to make him jealous in order to get him to pay attention to her again. This is why it blindsides the big mope when she does friend-zone him and thus deprives him of the chance to be the cruel person breaking hearts. What's lost on him is that he kind of is. What's also lost on him is that his fantasies of her dooming herself to a life of misery for rejecting the nothing that is him, she's doing all right for herself. She might be drawn to damaging assholes like him but will eventually outgrow it.

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