dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Meet The Caretaker

The irritating thing about the brother-sister cold war we're currently wading through is that it's a bit of a smoke screen meant to distract us from a sea change taking place in Elly's life. This is because Elly decides to take herself, Liz and April to Vancouver to show the baby off to her parents. Not only does this sour Elly on the idea of traveling with April because she blames the child for her own incompetence as a mother, it finally brings it home to her that her parents are getting on in years; this causes Elly to ask her parents to move close to her so she doesn't have to worry nearly so much because plopping them in the same time zone makes them easier to ignore or something. Jim isn't down with that because he doesn't want to complain or be a burden or anything but since Lynn is working through her own issues with dying parents, he kind of is.

This leads to a fictionalization of her parents' downsizing and spending their remaining years in a small town in British Columbia....and also the pitched battle she appears to have had with her brother over heirlooms. What's pure fantasy is the time afterwards because Lynn appears to have not gotten the answers she wanted from her parents: "Why didn't you love me, Mommy? Why did you always make me feel bad? Why didn't you let me give up on myself?" and "Why didn't you punch Mommy in the head and MAKE her love me, Daddy?"

The end result of this is not just the treacly exitus Marian made but a wish-fulfillment future with Jim that led him to having Lynn's idea of a wife for her father: a woman who whipsawed between being a doormat and his mommy. I don't know if she's giving her dad a happy ending or punishing him for not flat-out decking his wife and making her indulge her idiot child's whims.

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