dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Downsizening.

As we know, Lynn took a very long time telling the story of her parents' passing. While we focus mostly on the fact that it took twenty years after her father passed for her to finally mark Jim's death in the epilogue, most people tend to not notice that she waited ten years after her mother's death to say goodbye to Elly's mother. What we're about to look at now is Lynn recording her reaction to her parents' earlier decision to spend the remainder of their very brief time together in a smaller house in a smaller city.

As one could expect, Elly was the mouthpiece for Lynn's feeling that her parents were casually selling her childhood memories out of sheer negligence for her feelings. The strip depicted Jim and Marian as saying bluntly that items Elly wanted to have were junk that she'd be glad not to have to clutter up her home because she never actually bothered telling people that she loved them. Also, we had to contend with her and Phil being baffled, upset and disappointed by the fact that their neighborhood had changed a lot in the twenty years since they'd left home. This was a preface for five years of Elly and Phil spending most of their time feeling out of sorts because they had to parent the parents. Then came the source material for Sunset and Shadow and the having to move Jim closer to Elly because reasons.

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