dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Michael and the Settlepocalypse.

It seems to me that there's someone who might not be as behind to Settlepocalypse as the rest of the Pattersons: Michael, the guy who lit a fire in a gas station and may have come to regret it. I remember him advising Liz that she shouldn't go to Anthony's first wedding if all she wanted to do was make a big spectacle of herself and steal the spotlight from Therese. This struck a nerve because it reminded her that she might be mistaken for a homewrecker. What's more, Liz's escort backed Mike's analysis. Her breezy condemnation of Therese as an iceberg based on her avoiding having to admit that she had good cause to be jealous seemed to alarm and anger Mike. Having to listen to his parents encourage something he regarded as gratuitous jackassery on Sistwirp's part might have made him curious about a person he'd never really noticed before: Anthony Caine. I'd assume that he'd probably fall in with the party line enough to think that Anthony was the victim of a manipulative woman he purported to be. I should think he differs from the rest in thinking that Liz is the monster that messed up his life and that if she'd left things alone, he'd be happily married. I fully expect to see him try to save Anthony from what he most wants and worked so hard to get.
Tags: mikerobe: the universal infant, settlenuptuals, the shape of foobs to come

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