dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Harridan/Beatnik: The Unasked and Unaskable Question.

Since Lynn appears to like to copy ideas and themes from network television, one of the more irritating features of the strip is having to watch a main character do something that probably wouldn't happen in real life. This is why Elly appears to have been appointed gatekeeper of communicating her parents' plans to her younger brother when in real life, they'd probably have called him up after they talked to Elly. While I do realize that there are valid objections to my argument (such as 'they don't know his phone number', 'long distance costs too much', 'they hate getting the machine' and so on and so forth), there's something implied by this that Elly never wants to speculate about.

That something is the very real possibility that they might not like Phil as much as she thinks they do. Oh, sure, they're vaguely disappointed that she never did finish school and probably never will but they're okay with her choices in life as long as she's happy....and besides, she gave them something Phil seems reluctant to do: grandchildren. Since Elly's raison d'etre appears to be denying how similar she is to her mother, the 2021 version of her is probably texting Connie so she can fret about how rootless the Martian is and not realizing that Marian said the same damned thing about Phil. This is probably owing to her very real need to feel good about herself by feeling bad about herself. Just as she thinks that being told that she isn't fat and ugly is an insult because it 'means' that her feelings are a joke, any sign that her parents disapprove of Phil's lifestyle is a lie because it means that her feelings are again a joke too.

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