dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Further notes on unpersons in the Foobisphere.

The interesting thing about the strip is that it does not completely reflect Lynn's reality owing to a lack of an avatar for a prominent figure in her former life: her former brother-in-law Ralph Johnston. The in-laws that did most of the work raising her children were banished to Manitoba in strip for some reason that's about to become clear but Ralph must have done 'something' that warranted a complete unpersoning.

We see a broad hint as to what that thing was when we consider Georgia of the ineptly constructed nickname. We're bearing witness to her last star turn as a character before her transition into being a sort of living prop meant to remind us that like Alan, Phil has a wife Elly never bothered learning a damned thing about because all she sees when she looks at the woman is "the girl Phil married". Lynn's metaphor of a wall descending between Elly and the Nichols family tends to hint as to what the cause of the lack of interest in Georgia is: Lynn doesn't get along very well with the person in real life. Ralph appears to have triggered the mean girl in Lynn and is assumed to know what he had done to irritate her. As is the way of such things, he doesn't and she doesn't either. Joan Ridgway appears to have made the mistake of complaining about having confidences breached by an imbecile who doesn't care about other people's boundaries while zealously guarding her own. Thus is Georgia a cipher and thus did Ralph content himself with the idea that Lawrence is his avatar.

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