dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The Invisible Break-Up Of Michael Patterson.

As we all know (and as he clearly doesn't remember well enough to have learned anything from it), there is precedent for Martha claiming to want options that aren't Mike in order to get Mike to fight for her. Three years ago, Martha got sick of watching him channeling Hammy Hamster and decided that jealousy would spur the doofus into action:

The problem is that Mike is too dense to understand when things are happening to him:

because he suffers from the delusion that he's a keen-eyed observer of human nature when he's really just a muppet lost in the ozone.

There is also precedent for Gordon serving as a go-between when Martha wants to make things up with Mike when they go too far. This will happen this August when Jason acts like a normal teenager and moves onto the forever-and-always love of late summer:

The problem is that Mike has to see a real person with wants, hopes, needs and dreams:

and he just can't do that:

You might as well ask him to listen to conversations that aren't one hundred percent about him and his own feelings:

What this means is that he's the only person on Earth who doesn't realize that people see him as having dumped Martha in the most cold-blooded manner possible. It also means that explaining this to him would be an exercise in futility because it requires him to do something he cannot: put himself in the place of another person.

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