dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Marian and the pump organ: a mystery.

As we know, Phil and Elly have for some stupid reason decided that their parents' pump organ should serve as a prize to indicate who truly is The Best And Most Beloved Child. As we hint at, Jim sees the pump organ as an unwieldy mechanical contrivance that's safe to donate because he doesn't find it especially useful. What we never get to see is what Marian thinks about all of this. We end up learning that Marian doesn't really like the idea of giving all of her memories away or having her cherished mementoes casually classified as junk by her idiot husband.

This tends to hint at a power dynamic that is lost on their daughter. Marian probably did want one of the kids to have the damned thing only to be talked into doing something stupid and antisocial because it's 'for the best' by a manipulative old coot who doesn't want an argument to be resolved. If the war between his kids ended, he'd have to admit that he's mortal and he can't take that.

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