dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Liz and Anthony Make One Another Up.

As I said last time, the irritating thing about the specific means by which Pattersons save face is listening to them repeat the stock phrase "I thought I was in love with X but I was wrong but I am right about being in love now" always leads to them saying that they made up the attraction to the person they jerked around out of thin air. This can be referred to as accidental candor because they never seem to be actually aware of what the other person actually wants.

As by way of example, Anthony's belief in an Elizabeth that doesn't actually exist is bad enough on its own. She's no where near being the Girl Next Door type that will give him the stable home life and family structure he craves by nature (but will do so in order to piss off a rival who makes her see sides of herself that she doesn't want to see) without it being complicated by something that Liz no more saw than she understood that Anthony wasn't a passive victim of an ice machine who wanted to hurt innocent people because she's jealous and mean and calls innocent people like her a blonde bimbo licking her chops at the opportunity to make a fool out of someone: Anthony's rescue fantasies. They appear to be baked into the man and warp him by making him believe that if he were to rescue Liz from something bad, she would be beholden to him forever. She no mmore sees who he is than she saw who Eric, Warren and Paul were because she's kind of superficial really.

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