dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Om internalizing Elly.

As you know, we're in the golden age of Elly going gaga about what her daughters might be wearing. If we're not dealing with Elly simpering that she wants Liz to have a childhood and not to grow up too soon, we have her policing April's outerwear like she's actively trying to destroy society. This is because Elly thinks that her own children are doing to her what she did to her own mother and plotting to scandalize and humiliate her in public to punish her. The reason that's a bad thing is that she doesn't see herself as deserving it while Marian kind of does. This makes of her a distaff version of Detective Munch from the Law & Order franchise: a loud-mouthed poser who feigned affiliation with the in crowd to jab a thumb into Mommy's eye.

What makes it stupid is that she doesn't realize that there's no real instinct towards rebellion in the older child and she kind of does deserve it when she's dealing with April. Liz, though, she doesn't need to worry about Liz doing anything wild on her own accord. Liz is a follower. Liz is supine. Liz has an Elly inside of her waiting to get out and eventually drip all over Weird Frenchy Girl for her weird Frenchy girl tastes. The only reason Liz constitutes any sort of problem is that unlike Elly, she has to attend school. Elly appears to have either forgot this or told herself lies about her past that make her look better and acts as if she never felt like an idiot for wearing the wrong clothes. This distinguishes her from Val Stone who does remember the past and wants to save her child from it.

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