dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On being the only voice booming inside someone's ears.

As I've said before, Elly is at war with peer pressure for reasons that she's not honest about which makes her a worse person than her super-misguided evolutionary successor Valerie Stone. A cursory look at the comic strip Stone Soup reveals Val to be a well-meaning but amazingly misguided woman operating under the following misapprehensions:

  1. Growing up, I used to care a lot about my looks and cute boys and not enough about my grades.
  2. This is why I live the life I do now.
  3. I think my life would have been better if I were less like my daughter Holly is now
  4. If I save her from being the girl I was, her life will be better.
  5. Although she calls me a killjoy trying to destroy the only childhood she'll ever have, she'll thank me later on and not resent me vaguely forever.

Elly has no such firm and kind of useless and destructive principles. What Elly has is a martyrdom complex about how no one seems to listen to her or care and a metric fuckton of jealousy and malice guiding her. She doesn't like the idea of her children fitting in with the crowd because she sees herself as being deliberately excluded when she's not actually really part of the conversation. She doesn't like the idea of her children deciding things on their own because it means that they think she's useless. She doesn't like not worrying and fretting because it means that she's been wrong all along.

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