dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

From stock antagonist to confidant

I think that the same 'first person a Patterson child really got to know fairly well is their best friend' also applies to Liz. In her case, that means that she's under the mistaken impression that Dawn is still her best friend despite having drifted apart long ago. What I see happening is that Liz's old antagonist Candace is now her own personal Connie Poirier, there to crack jokes, envy Liz, talk shit about people she's never met because she swallows all sort of hearsay when it comes from a Patterson and tell her how good she has it.

This appears to have been the end result of yet another unnecessary redemption arc. It was one thing for Lynn to take a creamy shit all over girls who dressed fashionably on purpose to steal boys from her or whatever high school bullshit entrances the dozy prat without coming up with a Very Special Load Of Ordure about asshole predator boyfriends and needy mothers in denial. We know that Lynn can't conceive of anyone liking anything she can't or won't so it would have been less horrible to have her be shoved into conventional attire as a condition of her employment. We could still have her and Liz hashing out their differences and getting along better AND have Liz misreport who her best friend is. This is possible because Candace only flirted with Assthony. Being in direct and long-lasting competition is going to make things hard for the despised afterthought of having to remember that they still have obligations that is called April.

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