dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Friendship is stupid magic.

As we all know, April spent most of her life being jealous of the only real friend she can be said to have had. This, I think, is the end result of her not being able to process the fact that her immediate family had no immediate use for her because she was in their way and, in her quest to make it so that she wasn't the problem, fixated on a girl whose only real crime was making her feel like the garbage person her mother treated her like and made her why this was.

Not, of course, that April can admit to a negative emotion given how she was raised. The Pattersons burn with envy but insist on not seeing it because they're 'not' bad people. This means that while April is sure that Becky wants to crush her with her star power despite her lying eyes showing her a girl who doesn't want to, there's no way April is burning with envy. This means that I don't see reconciliation as part of the solution despite April's destiny to be a Manchester tribute band to Elizabeth. There is the matter of 'saving' her Twoo Wuv from an evil snob to be taken into consideration.

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