dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

On the mother-daughter cold war and also Therese.

I just noticed something while looking through this week's "Let's get all wistful about Lynn's parents" thing when Elly was telling Liz that nowadays, fundamentally incompatible people can simply get a divorce without much fuss. While it's pretty much certain that Lynn's first husband was being slammed for being unreasonable, the way she went about doing it revealed something about Liz. This is because the punchline only makes sense if you assume that Liz doesn't really see her mom and dad as having very much in common and are only staying together to give her and her siblings a home.

This becomes more amusing when you realize that aside from her taking an instant dislike to anyone who dared to set limits on her behavior (which leads to her cherry-picking facts to have an excuse to hate someone irrationally), one of the things Liz crows about when talking about when Therese isn't using jealousy to make her life bad, she simpered that Anthony's starter marriage was doomed to failure not because he still had feelings for her that warped his perception of what was important but because the two of them were incompatible. Since she does see Anthony as being a version of John, this might mean that she sees Therese as a version of the reproving mother who lived to spoil her fun and make her life bad.

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