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Stop remembering the new guy.

Looking back at the whole mess with Gordon and Tracey, it has started to dawn on us that it was never really necessary for her to be retroactively friends with Gordon that everyone suddenly remembered. After all, Lynn had a hell of a response from the whole "Mike stands around screaming that he feels alone in the world because no one really likes him only to have company feeling alone in Martha" thing. Gordo could have yelled the same thing about Allyson and Tracey would have just shown up out of nowhere with the same complaint and they would have slowly drifted towards one another anyway.

Also, Anthony could have just as easily been given a compressed version of John's back story. He could be a new kid in town who fixated on someone plausible looking without really noticing or caring much about the girl's personality and we'd have proceeded on to Liz trusting in fate, faith and finally being accepted despite the son being in her eyes. There was no real need to imply that he was there all along. The reason it happened the way it did has to do with Lynn's probable baffled disappointment that the great loves of her life faded. Since she's reluctant to admit blame, she seems to have settled on the idea that her problem was marrying strangers. If she had been partners with a classmate, she assumed that she might have had a lasting love.

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