dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Good ides are mine, Bad Ideas are other people's.

What I find truly interesting about the current "I wind-up toy. You wind me up. I no have agency. You bad because I suggestible" arc is not that Dawn wants anyone to blame that's not her for making a decision she regrets. That's standard because people as a rule don't like having to admit screwing up as it makes them feel bad about themselves and does a number on their credibility. What I find interesting is that she never really goes back to her older hairstyle after she lets the fade grow out.

Why I find it interesting is that to my knowledge, she never quite manages to thank Candace for giving her the idea to wear her hair in a pixie cut. It's all her idea because of another habit that Pattersons and the Patterson-adjacent have: taking credit for the good things and good ideas other people have. This is also why everyone but John and Elly raised their children but they take all the credit for it.

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