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All about the wordplay: Stop pun-ishing us, Lynn.

The most hateful thing about the 'Final Years' of this mess is the replacement of believable, sympathetic characters by a group of stooges who react to the implausible situations Lynn puts them in with a feeble attempt at wordplay. Rare is the daily strip where a character doesn't deliver a facile pay-off line that makes you regret learning how to read ans speak the English language. The sad thing is that she thinks her horrible and unfunny little bon mots are sparkling gems of wit and whimsy, when in fact they're kidneystones passing through the urethra of English literature. She forgot how to write characters we could care about who do things that we can relate to, so we can no longer laugh with them. All that remain are shells who feebly spew one-liners that bring the same level of discomfort as passing a ball of thumbtacks.
Tags: stop this madness!!

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