dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Jim, Iris and the Miracle Dress.

As I said yesterday, Liz is more worried about a dead woman who has no say in the matter than the living people around her. Consciously or not, she's doing this to punish all the people who've ever made her feel bad. She may not have intended to be cruel to her grandfather and his wife but she was. First off, the very fact that she appeared in a wedding dress out of nowhere is a horrible thing to do to two old people. As howtheduck said, they can only assume that she'd gotten married without inviting them. Even after that fact is cleared up, the hate just keeps on coming. First off, rubbing Jim's face in the fact that time has passed him by is a horrible thing. He's forced to remember all the good times he had and the loss of the woman who wore the dress. Also, his second wife is standing right there, being reminded that they expect her to compete with and lose to a ghost. He desperately wants to apologize for his family's witless cruelty but cannot. If he could get out of that chair and tell people off, he most certainly would.
Tags: chinnuts, iris, settlenuptuals

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