dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Owning the horses and other nonsense.....

As we've seen, the real reason Liz is going ahead with the Settlepocalypse is to avenge herself on an indifferent world. She's got a lot of pent-up rage and she wants to make sure all the people who've wronged her in the past pay and never stop because she's filled with entitlement. In this, she's very much Elly's daughter. Her overweening desire to control every aspect of her children's lives is not only because does she think that she knows best about everything, they owe her. In her mind, she was happy, young, thin and desirable when out of nowhere, she had children and she turned old, ugly, fat and miserable. Since they destroyed her life, she has to control theirs because her idea of justice mandates it. You'll notice that to think that way, she's ignoring something called 'personal responsibility'. It wasn't fate or nasty, smelly, dirty, ungrateful children who laid her low, it was the woman in the mirror. Why is she fat? She has a terrible diet and won't stick to an exercise regime. Why does she look twenty years older than she should? She won't maintain herself. Why is she unhappy? She has unrealistic expectations that can never be fulfilled. Why did her children act up? They were messed up because of her negativity and emotional neglect. Why is she stuck with a husband who won't help? Her high-handed refusal to be helped on his terms saw to that. But saying it's her fault isn't "fair". If she thought like that, she'd have to admit that her domineering, evil mother was right and she is an arrogant, ignorant and reckless know-it-all.
Tags: money matters in foobistan, sheet shaver

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