dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Help that doesn't help: Elly's real complaint.

It seems obvious that, while Connie is complaining about the people around her who did not help at all with the housework, Elly, as I've said before, has a different axe to grind. Her main concern, as we've seen so far this week, is with help that does not help her much at all. We've seen too many strips where she came into the kitchen after John did some domestic stuff and re-do them her way, to many strips wher his ofer to help was violently rebuffed, too many strips where Mike was discouraged from housework because his ideas of what needed to be done conflicted with her own not to realize that she doesn't want them butting in and doing a sub-standard job. In her mind, not doing things her way is as bad as not doing anything.
Tags: sheet shaver

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