dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The writing style of Michael Patterson: Laying on Manure with a Trowel

Given the constant allusion to Michael's novel in the strip, you realize Lynn believes him to be God's gift to Canadian Literature. She puts excerpts of his untitled 'masterwork' in the section of her homepage devoted to his 'letter' to the readers. She seems to think his writing style sophisticated and insightful when, if fact, it's turgid and inane. The simplest notion is buried under a rancid dung-heap of useless polysyllables and hackneyed phrases, as if the man believes spewing erudite noise makes him look intelligent. We also, after hacking through the verbal underbrush, find him oddly less than sympathetic with his protagonist. His lack of any REAL insight seems to lead him to believe the solution to her troubles is not to gripe so much. Another thing that rankles is his delicacy in dealing with sex, or as he doubtlessly calls it 'you-know-doubleyou-aitch-ay-tee'. This is because that his story isn't even original. It's acually the life story of his old landlady, Agnes Dingle. All he did was change all the names, convert her clear if unlettered English into high-falutin' mush, and edit out all the make-up sex. Way to go, genius. I have the sick feeling that his second tome of glurge will be the story of a heroic little boy saving his parents from a female demon-spawn who tricked them into thinking she was their daughter.
Tags: the delicate genius v. the world

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