dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

The good bad thing about the flashbacks....

Lynn has done some unintentional good by showing us all these vintage strips by demonstrating that certain elements aren't as recent as we thought. So far, we've seen:

- Sloppy, nasty, messy eating.

- Panels littered with unnecessary sound effects.

- Said sound effects tend to be rather unimaginative. Example: instead of vacuuming accompanied by (VWWWWOOOOOOO!!!), we see the word (Vaccum.)

- Elly's arse being wide.

- Elly being a passive, whining lump with no sense of humor.

- Elly whining about being fat, ugly and old as she stuffs her face.

- John having no sense whatsoever.

- John refusing to interact with his family.

- Mike being a lazy, ungrateful chump who's hopelesly dependent on his parents.

- Liz being a simpering pain in the posterior who whines about how nobody likes her.

- Facile and idiotic wordplay.

- Simplistic, heavy-handed morals.

By reminding us that these people always sucked, she's cured a lot of people of the notion the strip declined.
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