dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Pattersnarfing Means Motherhood....

It should comes as no great shock that someone with the unhealthy obsession Elly has with food and lots of it would think putting pile-high helpings of the greasy slop she loves on the table was the chief criterion of being a good parent. We all know that the woman eats like someone was trying to take her food away and, for some insane reason, thinks that's normal. In her mind, Therese's greatest crime was trying to cure Anthony of messy, nasty, sloppy, disgusting, juvenile eating habits and Deanna's greatest virtue is that she doesn't object to SHLORRP-SHHLUPPP-GRUNT-GLLUUMMPPPHHHH. The happiest time in her day is when she can get the family together so they can bond by cramming a lot of fatty food into their mouths in revolting haste. She can't imagine or accept that someone would delay gorging themselves in a manner that would induce mass vomiting in a select committee of Klingons for any reason. Given her inability to deal with any sort of upsetting phenomenon in a productive fashion, I should think that April's occasional requests for the ninety seconds of time to finish up what she's doing are seen as a slap in the face.
Tags: st elly versus the martian menace

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