dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote,

Missed opportunities: the neglected concepts.

I notice with great disgust that the focus of the strip lately has been on the character Michael and all his triumphs and troubles. Strip after strip is devoted to this idiot and his laundry list of self-induced worries and improbable victories. An apathetic audience squirms in discomfort watching the preening oaf either crow stupidly about his non-existent virtues or whinge cretinously about the hole 'other people forced him to dig'. In focusing on this tawdry melodrama, Lynn is doing us a great disservice; neglecting all the other characters and their lives. A case in point: A few years ago, a man named Howard Blunt attempted to violate his sister Elizabeth only to be stopped in the nick of time by her high-school boyfriend, Anthony. She's been involved in the man's trial for quite some time, culminating in his recent conviction. This seems a lot more interesting than watching the Noble Scribe not realize his money woes stem from pissing his wad away on shiny trash, but we only see the least part of it. Is it because Lynn thinks Michael deserves all this attention? A little, maybe. The real problem here is an focus on showy, pointless melodrama at the expense of plot and character development. She's so busy trying to end the story, she's neglected to make it a good one.
Tags: the delicate genius v. the world

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